Monday, December 15, 2008

the Hedgehog

last night i was the portrait artist at the "Worst Corporate Holiday Party Ever." It was a truly awful party! i drank free beers all night & ate hot cheetos & had to listen to, like, Bryan Adams & BoysIIMen. but then Ron Jeremy shows up towards the end, after i had been drinking quite heavily. i persuaded him to let me draw his portrait. he was eating the free cookies the entire time, so his mouth might be a little off. also, he kept telling me to make his face thinner & his hair less so. so i did, 'cuz i'm a nice guy. Ron's a pretty nice guy, too, he let me keep it & i'm glad he did! i won't sell it on ebay, Ron, i promise! well, not while you're still alive, anyways. you're a legend & the ladies love you.


Thursday, December 11, 2008


how you like me now? this is for The Vacation's digital release of "Marshmallow Girl" on True


Monday, October 27, 2008


We at 21st Century Filth designed these cereal boxes of Obama N' McCain for this company called They showed these boxes on E! News. I didn't know they were sellin' these for $40 so when i got mine in the mail i opened up the Cap'N McCain's & had a milky bowl for breakfast. Not 'cuz i am a Republican but 'cuz i like that kind of cereal better. I was like, "free food!" but it turns out i am the dummy. Below are a couple of McCain studies i did in preparation, followed by the sketch for the box design, which Brian finished:


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vampire Lifestyles

here's a t-shirt i designed for Hello Minor

this was the rough sketch, done with a Wacom in photoshop

and here's our bleary-eyed vampire, coming home from a long night out!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lincoln Blogs

this is the latest dumb idea of mine to get deleted from myspace. i guess Tom & Rupert have got something against our sixteenth president, and the ladies who love him.

"but seriously, Baloney Boy, enough with the crotch shots. it's like you have some kind of fixation with the vag or something."

'tis the wellspring of life, i say! the very genesis of the universe, this garden of earthly delights! let its praises be sung, goddamnit!

"oh, shut up, you perv."



Thursday, July 31, 2008

Death of the 60s Pt. I

i was part of a group art show at Swing House here in Hollywood last weekend, here's the drawings i came up with:

"Death of the 60s: The Murder of Gary Hinman" - i've been reading a lot about the Manson murders, thinking about how they relate to the end of the 60s & what that meant for America, that sorta thing. this is how i visualized the mysterious circumstances of the first Manson-related killing, of Gary Hinman, which seems to have set off the entire bizarre series of events.

this is a quick study of Charlie & a pistol i did at the beginning of a long night of inking, it turned out OK so i hung it up

"Found Collage: Helter Skelter 1" - this is my (large) ink drawing of a page from Vincent Bugliosi's 'Helter Skelter' about the Manson murders

"Found Collage: Helter Skelter 2" - another image from 'Helter Skelter'

a photo of my lady, Laura, and myself at the show! Click on image for more photos from that night.


A FILTHY Abundance

hey there people, this is the first collaboration between my friend Brian Romero and myself under the appellation 21st Century Filth. it's a new company for doing Art Business - making money making pictures, dig? it's the new thing we're doing. we're making a lotta posters, stickers, all sorts of funny stuff together. stay tuned for more. we're the new tag team in town.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dog Blog

This is a drawing of my dog, Niko. She's probably sitting there thinking, 'Man, that dude is drawing me again. He better hurry up 'cuz I ain't holding still for that damn long. In fact, it's been long enough. Shoot, he can make the rest up, it just looks like a buncha little black lines anyways. I need to lick something. And damn, dude, change the channel! You've already seen this episode of "I Love Money!" You watch too much celebreality! I'm getting sick of it. Man, I'm gonna go lick something. Seriously.'


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Illustrated Ape

i got asked by James & Joe at the Illustrated Ape, a cool British arts magazine, to contribute to their photography issue (#26). the idea was that illustrators would create photographic self-portraits. the above photo is what i came up with - a segment of the bulletin board that hangs in our kitchen.

muchas gracias to my, er, assistant, Laura, for this one


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Splash II

i did this poster for the Viper Room, the band is called Malbec. i like freaks. composition is lifted from an old sideshow banner i found on Google Image - thanks, Google Image! then i had my gill-friend (get it???) pose for this...ah ha ha ha....uhhhhh boy

i wonder what it would be like to live underwater? probably a lot of parking.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hills Burn! (When They Pee)

here is the new Vacation poster, it's pretty neat, huh? that's not real blood, in case you were worried. it's movie blood. it's CGI. 


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Appalling Apparel

this poster i drew for my band, the Vacation, got deleted from myspace. that old fart Rupert Murdoch must not like cartoon camel toe!

"get that two dimensional skank offa my billion dollar social networking site, Tom!"
"yes sir, Mr. Murdoch, right away!"

Mr. Murdoch drinks from all of our milkshakes, it seems.