Monday, October 27, 2008


We at 21st Century Filth designed these cereal boxes of Obama N' McCain for this company called They showed these boxes on E! News. I didn't know they were sellin' these for $40 so when i got mine in the mail i opened up the Cap'N McCain's & had a milky bowl for breakfast. Not 'cuz i am a Republican but 'cuz i like that kind of cereal better. I was like, "free food!" but it turns out i am the dummy. Below are a couple of McCain studies i did in preparation, followed by the sketch for the box design, which Brian finished:


Paulchesne said...

I'm into this. We're blogging. 5 years ago if I told you'd be blogger, you would have shit on my pants and then danced around like Paula Abdul on love. But now look at you. Pretty as a princess!

TM paint said...