Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Illustrated Ape

i got asked by James & Joe at the Illustrated Ape, a cool British arts magazine, to contribute to their photography issue (#26). the idea was that illustrators would create photographic self-portraits. the above photo is what i came up with - a segment of the bulletin board that hangs in our kitchen.

muchas gracias to my, er, assistant, Laura, for this one


James & Joe said...

Hey Ben

James & Joe here..

Thanks again for your submission, it was great & the feature seems to be going down pretty well so an even bigger thanks!

We need to get us a bulletin board, cos yours is definitely selling the idea to us. Always great to see ideas & images coming together on cork.

Until soon : )

Faust Haus said...

That is one fly assistant...

Paulchesne said...

We all know she's your boss. But it's cute to joke around you lil Tony Danza you.